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Viva Colorado was founded by Norberto Mojardin. Designer and community leader Norberto “Beto” Mojardin is the Founder/Creator of Latin Fashion Week Colorado, NM Designs, and Beto’s Hair Studio, among other things. Beto’s work in fine arts also includes paintings, sculptures, fashion design, sewing and several traditional forms of Mexican art. In 2019, launched a cooking channel on YouTube (Tu Sabor con Beto y Pancho) where he showcases his grandmother’s recipes. Beto is deeply committed to the Latino community across Colorado and often donates his talents to great causes.

Here at Viva Colorado, we believe in creating opportunities for upcoming artist. We work to promote culture, provide education, and embrace diversity. Viva Colorado seeks to empower and cultivate the rich creativity of Latinos and other ethnic minorities in the State of Colorado.
Viva is dedicated to increase awareness and visibility of these artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and learn skills that will allow them to succeed. We also seek to facilitate the cooperation between local artists and internationally renowned artists, for a dynamic exchange of ideas with the purpose of promoting growth.


Our vision is to build a city of great dreams and accomplishments, combining arts and technology. Viva Colorado seeks to provide opportunities to all artist and community members in the State of Colorado and contribute to their education.


Viva Colorado seeks to elevate artists and foster cultural diversity while cultivating a sense of community through the creation of a variety of cultural programs and events in the State of Colorado.

Founder & Director

Norberto Mojardin Valdez

Norberto Mojardin was born in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. He arrived in Arizona when he was 10 years old and a decade later moved to Colorado.

Norberto is widely known in the community as the “Artist”. His work in the community, creations and passion for the Arts have been widely recognized by numerous organizations.

Some of these recognitions include the 2019 American Dream Award by the Hispanic Chambers Of Commerce, The 2017 Community Leader Award by Telemundo Denver, First place 14th Annual Paper Fashion Show, The 61st Annual Show by One Club of Creativity Illustration Award, The 2020 proclamation by Governor Jared Polis, The diversity and inclusion award by Mayor Michael B Hancock and a high regarded recognition for his creativity at the 97th Annual ADC Awards during the Creative Week in New York. Norberto is humbled and grateful for all these recognitions, but the most important is the love and support he has received from the community.

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